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The Trio Seat


Rocking a 3-under-5 situation? We’ve got your back. The revolutionary Twin+ can be used as a triple stroller with The Trio Seat, then reduced to a twin when Kiddo One outgrows the need.

product details

SIMPLE – Connects to The Twin+ (XL2) and disconnects with zero drama, thanks to Zoe’s patent-pending tech

LIGHTWEIGHT - When attached to The Twin+ (XL2) weighs only 30lbs with an 15" or 18″ Seat Back. Can be carried shoulder style with a carry strap

TRAVEL - Disney approved and folds compact into car trunk, bus, plane (gate check), or train

EXPANDABLE - Grows with your family, can expand from a triple to a quad with an add-on seat. Or use it as a double

included accessories

  • Single Belly Bar
  • Removable, Padded Harness Strap Covers
  • Independent 4-Panel Canopy Set

Triple threat, baby.

Turn your double into a ride for three—in seconds. Everything folds down and away for easy transport, too.